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💭it’s not because it’s more than that💭 prettylights
Dedicating all four quadrants to one album this #Tunesday. One of my all-time favorites: “The Hour of Bewilderbeast” by #BadlyDrawnBoy. Neither the sound nor the lyrics nor the feels they make you feel can be described in this already annoyingly-long caption, so I urge you to listen for yourselves if you haven’t yet discovered this rockstar Englishman at his turn-of the-century prime. 

If I had to choose four songs, they’d be:
Cause A Rockslide
Everybody’s Stalking
Another Pearl
Once Around The Block

The Whigs drop Modern Creation a week from today (currently streamable on, Cloud Control take on Fatboy Slim for forthcoming Record Store Day compilation, Chet Faker lays down the law, MisterWives turn Sam Smith into gold DUH.

Happy #Tunesday, hooligans.

#TheWhigs - Hit Me
#CloudControl - Praise You (Fatboy Slim Cover)
#ChetFaker - Talk Is Cheap
#MisterWives - Money On My Mind (at TUNESDAY)

AMAZING. All True D fans, watch.


Good vibes / happy tunes only today. Click link in bio to listen to these and few more. #Tunesday

#TuneYards - Water Fountain
#Hozier - From Eden
#AirReview - Youth
#MrLittleJeans - Good Mistake (at TUNESDAY)


I think #Banksy is telling us to be the wee one in this scenario.  (at young at 💙)